Event processor administration

Service name: EventProcessorAdminService


List all even processor

Provide a list of all event processors defined by the connected applications.

rpc GetAllEventProcessors(google.protobuf.Empty) returns (stream EventProcessor)

List event processo by component

Provide a list of all event processors defined by the specified component.

rpc GetEventProcessorsByComponent(Component) returns (stream EventProcessor)

Start event processor

Start a distributed event processor, propagating the start request to all EP instances connected to AS *

rpc StartEventProcessor(EventProcessorIdentifier) returns (AdminActionResult)

Pause event processor

Pause a distributed event processor, propagating the pause request to all EP instances connected to AS *

rpc PauseEventProcessor(EventProcessorIdentifier) returns (AdminActionResult)

Split event processor segment

Split the largest known segment of the distributed event processor into two segments.

rpc SplitEventProcessor(EventProcessorIdentifier) returns (AdminActionResult)

Merge event processor segments

Merge the smallest known two segments of the distributed event processor into one. **

rpc MergeEventProcessor(EventProcessorIdentifier) returns (AdminActionResult)

List load balance strategies

Provide a list of all load balancing strategies.

rpc GetBalancingStrategies(google.protobuf.Empty) returns (stream LoadBalancingStrategy)

Load balance event processor

Balance the load across several instances of an event processor, accordingly to the selected strategy.

rpc LoadBalanceProcessor(LoadBalanceRequest) returns (stream google.protobuf.Empty)

Set auto load balance strategy

Define the load balancing strategy to use for automatic load balancing.

rpc SetAutoLoadBalanceStrategy(LoadBalanceRequest) returns (stream google.protobuf.Empty)

* Clients need to be already running and connected to AS before the operation is executed. ** It may not work if the two smallest segments are not claimed by applications connected to AS.

Context administration

Service name: ContextAdminService


Context details

Provide all details about a context.

rpc GetContext(GetContextRequest) returns (ContextOverview)

List contexts

Provide a stream of all contexts with details.

rpc GetContexts(google.protobuf.Empty) returns (stream ContextOverview)

Create context

Create a new context.

rpc CreateContext(CreateContextRequest) returns (stream google.protobuf.Empty)

Delete context

Delete an existing context.

rpc DeleteContext(DeleteContextRequest) returns (stream google.protobuf.Empty)

Update context properties

Update specified properties of a context.

rpc UpdateContextProperties(UpdateContextPropertiesRequest) returns (stream google.protobuf.Empty)

Subscribe to contexts' updates

Provide a stream of all changes in cluster configuration related to context (creations, deletions, updates).

rpc SubscribeContextUpdates(google.protobuf.Empty) returns (stream ContextUpdate)

Replication group administration

Service name: ReplicationGroupAdminService


Replication group details

Provide all details about a replication group.

rpc GetReplicationGroup(GetReplicationGroupRequest) returns (ReplicationGroupOverview)

List replication groups

Provide a stream of all replication groups with details.

rpc GetReplicationGroups(google.protobuf.Empty) returns (stream ReplicationGroupOverview)

List nodes

Provide a stream of all nodes in the cluster with details.

rpc GetNodes (google.protobuf.Empty) returns (stream NodeOverview)

Create replication group

Create a new replication group.

rpc CreateReplicationGroup(CreateReplicationGroupRequest) returns (stream google.protobuf.Empty)

Delete replication group

Delete an existing replication group.

rpc DeleteReplicationGroup(DeleteReplicationGroupRequest) returns (stream google.protobuf.Empty)

Add node

Add a node to a replication group with the specified role.

rpc AddNodeToReplicationGroup(JoinReplicationGroup) returns (stream google.protobuf.Empty)

Remove node

Remove a node from a replication group.

rpc RemoveNodeFromReplicationGroup(LeaveReplicationGroup) returns (stream google.protobuf.Empty)

Applications administration

Service name: ApplicationAdminService


Application details

Provide all details about an application.

rpc GetApplication(ApplicationId) returns (ApplicationOverview)

List applications

Provide a stream of all applications with details.

rpc GetApplications(google.protobuf.Empty) returns (stream ApplicationOverview)

Create/update application

Create or update an application.

rpc CreateOrUpdateApplication(ApplicationRequest) returns (Token)

Delete application

Delete an existing application.

rpc DeleteApplication(ApplicationId) returns (stream google.protobuf.Empty)

Refresh token

Regenerate the token for the specified application.

rpc RefreshToken(ApplicationId) returns (Token)

Users administration

Service name: UserAdminService


List users

Provide a stream of all users with details.

rpc GetUsers(google.protobuf.Empty) returns (stream UserOverview)

Create/update user

Create or update a user.

rpc CreateOrUpdateUser(CreateOrUpdateUserRequest) returns (stream google.protobuf.Empty)

Delete user

Delete an existing user.

rpc DeleteUser(DeleteUserRequest) returns (stream google.protobuf.Empty)

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