Major Releases

All the enhancements and features which have been introduced to our major releases of the Axon Framework are noted here.

Release 4.8


  • [#2689] Support Snapshotting for Polymorphic Aggregates #2753

  • Allow property based configuration of load balancing strategies #2750

  • Add test-summary step #2745

  • [#1828] Add Anchore Container Scan step #2744

  • [#2350] JDBC Dead-Letter Queue #2743

  • Enable tracing in DistributedCommandBus with SpanFactory #2729

  • Make the token store claim timeout easily configurable. #2722

  • Allow easy (property) configuration for the claimTimeout of the default TokenStore #2708

  • Introduce Polymorphic Aggregate Snapshotting auto-configuration #2689

  • [#2639] Handler Interceptor support for Dead Letter Processing #2661

  • [#2640] Support @ExceptionHandler and @MessageHandlerInterceptor annotated methods in Sagas #2656

  • Support @ExceptionHandler annotated methods in Sagas #2640

  • Handler Interceptor support for Dead Letter Processing #2639

  • Add an auto-merge step for Dependabot Pull Request #2608

  • #2581 Allow to override EventSchema without modifying default JdbcEve… #2582

  • Allow to override EventSchema without modifying default JdbcEventStorageEngine in Spring context #2581

  • Allow Development mode on test containers #2461

  • Autoconfigure automatic load balancing #2453

  • Enable tracing in DistributedCommandBus with SpanFactory #2403

  • JDBC Dead-Letter Queue #2350

  • Validate test-summary GitHub Action #2228

  • Investigate usage of the Anchore Container Scan in GitHub Actions #1828


  • Introduce AxonServerContainer as test-container #2763

  • [#2755] Align assertion messages #2757

  • Put test assertion errors on multiple lines #2755

  • Add db-scheduler implementation of the Event Scheduler and Deadline Manager #2727

  • Add db-scheduler implementation of the Event Scheduler and Deadline Manager #2724

  • Add JCacheAdapter test scenarios #2721

  • Make Configuration accessible #2700

  • refactor: Spring Boot 2.x best practices #2663

  • Improve error message in case a streaming query gives an error. #2662

  • Error handling of Streaming queries is less than ideal #2660

  • Add a warning to the creation of the in memory token store. #2650

  • Add a registerDeadLetterQueueProvider method in the EventProcessingConfigurer. #2633

  • [#2628] Extended support for Spring application context hierarchy #2629

  • ObjectMapper cannot be resolved from Spring Parent Context #2628

  • Move AbstractDeadlineManagerTestSuite to spring module so it's deployed. #2622

  • Clean the test logs #2606

  • Create a SequencedDeadLetterQueueFactory #2598

  • #2581 Do not duplicate bean definition of TokenStore #2587

  • [#2074] Allow to customize saga schema table and columns #2575

  • Auto-merge successful Dependabot Pull requests #2569

  • Move to use job builder to have more control how the jobs are stored. Add auto configuration. #2564

  • Enable cancelAll and cancelAllwithinScope in the JobRunrDeadlineManager. #2507

  • Add JCacheAdapter test scenarios #2421

  • Change jdbc column names to snake case as default. #2074

  • Add cache using EhCache 3 #2709

  • Add cache using Ehcache 3 #2420

Bug Fixes

  • Remove payloadType tag from EventProcessorLatencyMetric #2683


We'd like to thank all the contributors who worked on this release!

Release 4.7

This release introduces compatibility with Spring Boot 3. The support for Spring Boot 3 also entails the removal of the Jakarta-specific modules since Jakarta is now the default. Furthermore, it required us to duplicate the Javax Persistence and Javax Validation classes into dedicated legacy packages. In doing so, we provided support for both Javax and Jakarta, as well as Spring Boot 2 and Spring Boot 3.

However, this required us to introduce breaking changes in 4.7 compared to 4.6. To help you upgrade towards Axon Framework 4.7, we provide a dedicated Upgrading to Axon Framework 4.7 page describing the scenarios you may be in and the steps to take for upgrading.

Next to the Javax-to-Jakarta adjustments and the Spring Boot 3 support, we've added an Event Scheduler and Deadline Manager based on JobRunr.

For an exhaustive list of the features, enhancements, and bug fixes introduced, see below:


  • [#1509] Add whenConstructing and whenInvoking to the AggregateTestFixture #2551

  • [#2476] Support EventMessage handler interceptor registration on the SagaTestFixture #2548

  • [#2351] The DeadLetter Parameter Resolver #2547

  • Add Configurer#registerHandlerEnhancerDefinition #2545

  • [#1123] Support Repository bean wiring through generics #2527

  • Implement the JobRunr implementation of the event scheduler. #2509

  • JobRunr DeadlineManager #2499

  • Added parameter resolver for aggregate type retrieval from domain event messages #2498

  • Implement Event Handler Interceptors registration on SagaTestFixtures #2476

  • Message Handler (parameter) support for Dead Letters #2351

  • Alternative deadline manager: JobRunr (Quartz alternative) #2192

  • Allow the AggregateTestFixture to expect methods to be called instead of commands passed. #1509

  • Allow replay on a Saga #1458

  • Provide alternatives for QuartzEventScheduler and QuartzDeadlineManager #1106

  • Configurable Locking Scheme in SagaStore #947


  • Fixed SpringAggregateLookup initialization issue for Spring AOT #2578

  • [#2561] Move Sonar to JDK17 #2574

  • Automatically approve dependabot[bot] PRs #2566

  • Add Segment and Token to UnitOfWork of PooledStreamingEventProcessor #2562

  • Move Sonar to JDK17 build #2561

  • [#2129] Fine tune Repository registration in the AggregateTestFixture #2552

  • [#1630] Allow disabling of sequence number generation in the GenericJpaRepository #2550

  • Several fixes to successfully run a JDK17 build #2544

  • Adjust dependabot behavior #2536

  • Enable heartbeats to Axon Server by default #2530

  • [#2383] Add ConditionalOnMissingBean to SpringAxonConfiguration and SpringConfigurer #2526

  • Small test and code improvement for JobRunr deadline manager #2510

  • Introduce the NestingSpanFactory #2487

  • Improve mismatch messages for Hamcrest Matchers #2400 #2418

  • Allow OpenTelemetrySpanFactory to only create child spans #2404

  • Add ConditionalOnBean to InfraConfiguration Beans #2383

  • AggregateTestFixture creates EventSourcingRepository and does not invalidate it #2129

  • JDK16 - axon-messaging own unit test fail on #1826

  • GenericJpaRepository to enable/disable the sequence number generation #1630

Bug Fixes

  • Fix typos in Javadoc #2475

  • Aggregate Repository Spring wiring causes NullPointerException #1123

  • Asserting checked exception while creating an Aggregate #782


We'd like to thank all the contributors who worked on this release!

Release 4.6

Axon Framework 4.6.0 has undergone a great deal of changes. Some noteworthy additions are the Dead-Letter Queue, integrated Tracing with Open Telemetry and Jakarta support. For an exhaustive list of the features, enhancements, and bug fixes with introduced, see below. For a list that also contains the dependency upgrades we refer to this page.


  • Added Slack release announcement #2348

  • [#2307] Carry the context during reset to the ReplayToken #2312

  • Propagate ResetContext in ReplayToken #2307

  • [#2198] Add support for Jakarta #2301

  • Native Tracing for Axon Framework with OpenTelemetry as default #2294

  • [#2021] Dead Letter Queue for Event Processing Groups #2258

  • JPA dead letter queue implementation #2239

  • Construct means to switch between classes using javax and jakarta #2198

  • Create add-dependabot-pr-to-project.yml #2183

  • Create add-issues-to-project.yml #2182

  • Multiteant support #2156

  • Spring event for indication that Axon has started #2146

  • Application events when handlers are registered #2144

  • [#1125] Introduce SagaLifecycle.associationValues() #2141

  • [#1964] Include AxonServerHealthIndicator #2130

  • AggregateTestFixture improvement - Validate Exception Details #2125

  • AggregateTestFixture improvement - Validate Exception Details #2110

  • Feature/1466 Additional deadline validation methods #2071

  • Multi-tenant support #2045

  • Dead-Letter Queue for Event Processors #2021

  • Added AxonServerEEContainer and AxonServerSEContainer as an easier way for people to write tests #2020

  • Streaming query #2001

  • [#1967] Fetch available segements only from the TokenStore #1997

  • [#1645] Introduce ObjectNode-to/from-JsonNode ContentTypeConverter for the JacksonSerializer #1995

  • [#1490] Simplify LockFactory configuration for Aggregates #1992

  • [#1986 Introduce EventProcessingConfigurer#defaultTransactionManager method #1989

  • Register default Transaction Manager through Event Processing Configurer #1986

  • Add method returning the available segments of a TokenStore #1967

  • Add an actuator health indicator to check the connection between the application and Axon Server #1964

  • Added the MetaDataSequencingPolicy #1930

  • Provide a SequencingPolicy based on a MetaData field #1929

  • Added an option to create a fixture for a state stored aggregate #1772

  • JsonNode-to-ObjectNode ContentTypeConverter #1645

  • Simplify LockFactory configuration per aggregate #1490

  • Additional Deadline Validation methods. #1466

  • Allow TrackingEventProcessor start to be deferred #1184

  • Accessing Saga Association Values #1125

  • Signal when all Handlers have been registered in Spring environment #880


  • Improve deadline span name. #2360

  • Make Given-phase Error Handling configurable for Saga Test Fixtures #2356

  • Improve SpanFactory autoconfiguration mechanism. #2354

  • Introduce LoggingSpanFactory and MultiSpanFactory #2353

  • Check if a certain handler contains certain methods before registering it. #2346

  • Catch exceptions from correlation data providers. #2345

  • Throw exception on ambiguous dependencies #2344

  • Integration Test for Command and Query Priority Calculations #2342

  • Include message identifier in error message if de-serialization fails #2330

  • Add CorrelationDataProvider error handling on rollback #2328

  • Strip test prefix once required in JUnit 3 from test method names #2321

  • Apache Maven Wrapper 3.8.6 #2320

  • Allow ReplayToken creation to be customizable when resetting a projection #2308

  • Ensure all dispatchable messages are serialiable by Jackson and Xstream. #2295

  • Testclasses for javax jakarta extension #2280

  • Remove redundant method definition #2270

  • Integration Test for Command and Query Priority Calculations #2266

  • Update the PrioritizedRunnable to a PriorityTask #2265

  • Automatically add Release Notes on milestone closure to Discuss post #2264

  • Create a protected method to fetch tracking events on JpaEventStorageEngine #2262

  • Create a protected method to fetch tracking events on JpaEventStorageEngine. #2259

  • Allow subtype definition on the Repository builders for Polymorphic Aggregates #2250

  • Add test for ConsistentHash.equals #2244

  • Use getHost instead of getContainerIpAddress #2222

  • Default snapshotfilter with revision null #2213

  • Default snapshot filter with revision null #2212

  • Creation policy factory for Aggregates #2209

  • Removed deprecated code by updating the default serializer initialization #2206

  • Flux response type rank matching #2197

  • Introduce conditional variants for ApplyMore #2174

  • Conditional variant for the ApplyMore methods #2173

  • Take into account the result of the equals method before attempting… #2171

  • Improve javadoc of the ReplayStatus enum to reflect changes to the StreamingEventProcessors #2170

  • MultipleInstancesResponseType should match (lower) on single item #2148

  • Add duplicate resolution on query handler registration, defaulting to… #2140

  • Add method on DefaultCommandGateway to be able to customize callbacks #2139

  • Default Revision SnapshotFilter in absence of annotation #2136

  • Fine tune the MessageHandlerLookup for Spring Native support #2106

  • Redesign of Spring Boot Auto Configuration support #2105

  • Feature/1629 saga test fixture #2101

  • [#2093] Validate if target Command Handling Member can resolve target #2095

  • Allow several Aggregate Member collections of the same type #2093

  • Changed logging about "processor falling behind" #2073

  • Make asDomainEventMessage available to subclasses #2066

  • Make JpaEventStorageEngine#asDomainEventMessage(EventMessage<?>) protected #2065

  • Separate Integration Tests and Aggregate coverage reports #2063

  • [#1646] Update "No Handler For" exceptional cases #2062

  • [#1711] Simplify attachment of Lifecycle Operations #2061

  • Change how Sonar is invoked for GHA's #2033

  • Introduce LifecycleAware interface for managing component lifecycle #2028

  • Remove MonoWrapper usage. #2008

  • Replaced method.getParametersTypes().length by method.getParameterCount()) #1987

  • Methods for testing deadlines when time passed are consistent in TestExecutor & SagaTestFixture (fixes #1974) #1975

  • Make methods for testing Deadlines consistent for TestExecutor and SagaTestFixture #1974

  • Added jdk17-ea on our build workflow for early feedback #1915

  • Add configurable options for checking failure transiency #1910

  • Prevent stack trace generation for HandlerExecutionException #1905

  • Allow creation of HandlerExecutionExceptions without stacktrace #1901

  • [#1898] Empty associationProperty leads to IndexOutOfBoundsException #1899

  • Empty associationProperty leads to IndexOutOfBoundsException #1898

  • Provide means of configuring a CommandCallback #1889

  • Splitted builds into pr and not pr, added ghactions to dependabot and other minors #1830

  • Fine tune triggered Deadline validation for Test Fixtures #1797

  • Simplified DeadlineManager configuration #1796

  • Expand RetryScheduler to support more granular decision when to retry #1723

  • Simplify attachment of Lifecycle Operations #1711

  • Improved termination heuristic when response is < batchsize/2 and the… #1691

  • Exception in startHandlers is "swallowed" by exception in shutdownHandlers #1669

  • Fine tune "No Handler For..." Exception #1646

  • SagaTestFixture should support expectSuccessfulHandlerExecution() #1629

  • Large number of rolled back transactions on JPA/JDBC TokenStore #1475

  • Reduce Reflection usage #1427

  • Add annotation NonNull/Nullable for better usage in kotlin (also java) #1280

  • Spurious warnings when a tracking token gap appears then is filled #1193

  • Query handlers of the same name and response type within one class #719

  • MultipleInstancesResponseType should recognize handler with single result #602

Bug Fixes

  • Rename SpanFactory.registerTagProvider to registerSpanAttributeProvider #2347

  • [#2341] Adjust type checking in SimpleQueryUpdateEmitter to accompany type erasure #2343

  • UpdateEmitter drops MultipleInstancesResponseType updates due to type checking. #2341

  • Parameter resolver ordering is wrong for test fixtures #2340

  • Take all types into account when resolving the deadline handler #2336

  • When moving to a polymorphic Aggregate the stored Deadlines are not handled. #2333

  • [#2331] Fix deserialization bug GrpcBackedSubscriptionQueryMessage and filter non-handler-matching updates #2332

  • GrpcBackedSubscriptionQueryMessage overwrites update type with initial response type #2331

  • [#2317] Using deadlines with DefaultConfigurer leads to NPE #2319

  • Using deadlines with DefaultConfigurer leads to NPE #2317

  • Fix streaming queries not respecting PriorityTask mechanism #2309

  • [#2268] Adjust ConditionalOnClass to validate existence of the AxonServerConnectionManager in absence of the axon-server-connector package. #2269

  • Bug when using Spring actuator starter and excluding axon server #2268

  • Support Cache and LockFactory configuration on @Aggregate stereotype #2254

  • Extracted lambdas to inner static classes #2240

  • Dependency on reactor is needed to be able to start an Axon app using current 4.6.0-SNAPSHOT #2238

  • Fix snapshots not being deployed to nexus #2237

  • fix javadoc: default port is 8124, not 8123 #2223

  • fix typo in local variable name #2218

  • Publisher Response Type #2215

  • EventProcessingModule should lazily initialize processors #2180

  • Fix StreamingEventProcessor#maxCapacity for the TrackingEventProcessor #2124

  • Restore missing commit 6e531a6cf173243adf9519905f42cbec0a334238 #2116

  • Wire eventSerializer into QuartzEventSchedulerFactoryBean #2115

  • Wire the event Serializer into QuartzEventSchedulerFactoryBean #2088

  • Fix typo in pom.xml #2022

  • Fix typos #2016

  • Exponential Retry for Tracking event processor not happening for transient exceptions when using postgres JdbcTokenStore #1920


We'd like to thank all the contributors who worked on this release!

Release 4.5

This release has seen numerous addition towards Axon Framework. The most interesting adjustments can be seen down below. Note that the BOM (as marked in #1200) is not part of the release notes, as this will use its own separate release cycle. For those interested, the BOM repository can be found here.

For an exhaustive list of all adjustments made for release 4.5 you can check out this page.


  • A new type of EventProcessor has been introduced in pull request #1712, called the PooledStreamingEventProcessor. This EventProcessor allows the same set of operations as the TrackingEventProcessor, but uses a different threading approach for handling events and processing operations. In all, this solution provides a more straightforward processor implementation and configuration, allowing for enhanced event processing in general. For specifics on how to configure it, check out this section.

  • Sagas support the use of Deadline Handlers, but an @DeadlineHandler annotated method couldn't automatically close a Saga with the @EndSaga annotation. This enhancement has been described in #1469 and resolved in pull request #1656. As such, as of Axon 4.5, an @DeadlineHandler annotated can also be annotated with @EndSaga, to automatically close the Saga whenever the given deadline is handled.

  • Whenever an application uses snapshots, the point arises that old snapshot versions need to be invalidated when loading an Aggregate. To that end the SnapshotFilter can be configured. As a simplified solution, the @Revision annotation can now be placed on the Aggregate class to automatically configure a revision based SnapshotFilter. Due to this, old snapshots will be filtered out automatically when an Aggregate is reconstructed from the EventStore. For those interested, the implementation of this feature can be found here.

  • At the basis of Axon's message handling functionality, is the MessageHandlingMember. For the time being, the sole implementation of this is the AnnotatedMessageHandlingMember, which expect the use of annotations like the @CommandHandler and @EventHandler, for example. As a step towards constructing an annotation-less approach, #1621 was introduced into the framework. The first steps taken in this pull request are the deprecation of annotation-specific methods from the MessageHandlingMember interface. Added to this is a new approach towards defining attributes of a message handling member through HandlerAttributes.

Bug Fixes

  • The InMemoryEventStorageEngine is a good fit for testing purposes. However, it included a discrepancy towards the event storing solution compared to other event storage solutions. This issue was addressed in #1056 and resolved in pull request #1660.

  • In issue #1733 a confusion around the EventUtils#asDomainEventMessage was described. This reiterated the fact that this method is purely intended for internal use inside Axon Framework, which was not clear to the users. As such, it has now been deprecated, containing a clear statement why this method is not to be used.

Release 4.4


  • Axon Framework can now be used in conjunction with Spring Boot Developer Tools. You can simply achieve this by adding the required dev-tools dependency to your project.

  • As a partial solution to #1106, Axon Server can now be used to schedule events. Building an AxonServerEventScheduler as the EventScheduler implementation as defined through the builder is sufficient to start with scheduling events through Axon Server.

  • An EventTrackerStatusChangeListener can now be configured for a TrackingEventProcessor, as was requested in #1338. It can be configured through the TrackingEventProcessorConfiguration, allowing users to react upon status changes of each thread processing event messages.

  • Component specific message handler interceptors can now be defined through a dedicated annotation: the @MessageHandlerInterceptor annotation. This annotation allows you to introduce a specific bit of logic to be invoked prior to entering the message handling function or after invocation. It for example allows the additional introduction of a @ExceptionHandler annotation, allowing you to specifically deal with the exceptions thrown from your message handlers. The original pull request can be found under #1394. For more specifics on using this annotation, check ou the @MessageHandlerInterceptor section.

  • Configuring a Snapshotter and SnapshotFilter have been simplified in this release. Pull request #1447 shares the load of allowing for distinct Snapshotter configuration. Issue #1391 describes the intent to the configuration of snapshot filtering to be performed on Aggregate level. The former can be configured through the Configurer, whereas the latter is by usage of the AggregateConfigurer.

Bug Fixes

  • The AggregateTestFixture was incorrectly noting an old method in one of its exceptions. This has been marked and resolved in #1428.

  • The CommandValidator and EventValidator had a minor discrepancy; namely, the CommandValidator cleared out contained commands upon starting whereas the EventValidator didn't. Pull request #1438 resolved the problem at hand.

For a full list of all the feature request and enhancements done for release 4.4, you can check out this page.

Release 4.3


  • Aggregate Polymorphism has been introduced, allowing for an aggregate hierarchy to come naturally from a domain model. To set this up, the AggregateConfigurer#withSubtypes(Class... aggregates) method can be used. In a Spring environment, an aggregate class hierarchy will be detected automatically. For more details on this feature, read up on it here.

  • An Axon application will now shutdown more gracefully than it did in the previous releases. This is achieved by marking specific methods in Axon's infrastructure components as a @StartHandler or @ShutdownHandler. A 'phase' is required in those, specifying when the method should be executed. If you want to add your own lifecycle handlers, you can either register a component with the aforementioned annotations or register the methods directly through Configurer#onInitialize, Configuration#onStart and Configuration#onShutdown.

  • We have introduced the @CreationPolicy annotation which you can add to @CommandHandler annotated methods in your aggregate. Through this, it is possible to define if such a command handler should 'never', 'always' or 'create' an aggregate 'if-missing'. For further explanation read the Aggregate Command Handler Creation Policy section.

  • Both the XStreamSerializer and JacksonSerializer provide a means to toggle on "lenient serialization" through their builders.

  • Various test fixture improvements have been made, such as options to register a HandlerEnhancerDefinition, a ParameterResolverFactory and a ListenerInvocationErrorHandler. Additional validations have been added too, revolving around asserting scheduled events and deadline message. The Test Fixture page has been updated to define these new operations accordingly.

  • The TrackingEventProcessor#processingStatus method as of 4.3 exposes more status information. The current token position, token-at-reset, is-merging and merge-completed position have been added to the set. Read the Event Tracker Status section for more specifics on this.

Bug Fixes

  • A ConcurrencyException was thrown when an aggregate was created at two distinct JVM's at the same time. As ConcurrencyExceptions are typically retryable, the creation command would be issued again if a RetryScheduler was in place. Retrying this operation is however useless and hence has been replaced for an AggregateStreamCreationException in pull request #1333.

  • The test fixtures for state-stored aggregates did unintentionally not allow resource injection. This problem has been resolved in pull request #1315.

  • The MultiStreamableMessageSource did not deal well with one or several exceptional streams. Hence exception handling has been improved on this matter in #1325.

For a complete list of all the changes made in 4.3 you can check out this page.

Release 4.2


  • Axon Framework applications can now use tags to support a level of 'location awareness' between Axon clients and Axon Server instances. This feature is further described here.

  • Axon Server already supported several contexts, but Axon Framework application could not specify to which context message should be dispatched. The Axon Server Connector has been expanded with a TargetContextResolver to allow just this.

  • A new implementation of the StreamablbeMessageSource has been implemented: the MultiStreamableMessageSource. This implementation allows pairing several "streamable" message sources into a single source. This can in turn be used to for example read events from several distinct contexts for a single Tracking Event Processor.

  • Handler Execution Exception now allow application specific information to be sent back over the wire in case of a distributed set up.

  • The TrackingToken interface now provides an estimate of it's relative position in the event stream through the position() method.

  • Optional return types can now be used for Query Handling methods.

Bug Fixes

  • An Aggregate's Snapshotter was not auto configured when Spring Boot is being used, as was filed under #932.

  • The CommandResultMessage was returned as null when using the DisruptorCommandBus. This was solved in pull request #1169.

  • The ScopeDescriptor used by the DeadlineManager had serialization issue when a user would migrate from an Axon 3.x application to Axon 4.x. The axon-legacy package has been expanded to contain legacy ScopeDescriptors to resolve this problem.

For a full list of all features, enhancements and bugs, check out the issue tracker.

Release 4.1


  • The TrackingEventProcessor now has an API to split and merge TrackingTokens during runtime of an application. Axon Server has additions to the UI to split and merge a given Tracking Event Processor's tokens.

  • Next to Dropwizard metrics the framework now also supports Micrometer metrics. The MessageMonitor interface is used to allow integration with Micrometer. Lastly, we are incredibly thankful that this has been introduced as a community contribution.

  • Primitive types are now supported as @QueryHandler return types.

  • We have introduced the EventGateway in a similar fashion as the CommandGateway and QueryGateway. As with the command and query version, the EventGateway provides a simpler API when it comes to dispatching Events on the EventBus.

Bug Fixes

  • Command and Query message priority was not set correctly for the Axon Server Connector. This issue has been addressed under bug #1004.

  • The CapacityMonitor was not registered correctly for Event Processor, which user "Sabartius" resolved under issue #961.

  • Some exception were not reported correctly and/or clearly when utilizing the Axon Server Connector (issue marked under number #945).

We refer to this page for a full list of all the changes.

Release 4.0


  • The package structure of Axon Framework has changed drastically with the aim to provide users the option to pick and choose. For example, if only the messaging components of framework are required, one can directly depend on the axon-messaging package.

  • In part with the package restructure, all components which leverage another framework to provide something extra have been given their own repository. These repositories are called the Axon Framework Extensions.

  • The configuration of Event Processor has been replaced and greatly fine tuned with the addition of the EventProcessingConfigurer.

  • Some new defaults have been introduced in release 4.0, like a bias towards expecting a connection with Axon Server. Another important chance is the switch from defaulting to Tracking Processors instead of Subscribing Processors.

  • The notion of a CommandResultMessage has been introduced as a dedicated message towards the result of command handling.

  • To simplify configuration and more easily overcome deprecation, the Builder pattern has been implemented for all infrastructure components.

Bug Fixes

The bugs marked for release 4.0 were issues introduced to new features or enhancements. As such they should not have impacted users in any way. Regardless, the full list can be found here.

For more details, check the list of issues here.

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