Quick Start

Axon provides a Quick Start Toolkit to familarize yourself with the setup required for Axon Framework and Axon Server SE (Standard Edition).

The only pre-requisite to run the Quick Start is to have a Java 8+ JRE in your system.

Quick Start Toolkit Download

The Quick Start Toolkit package is available for download at the following location -> https://axoniq.io/download.

This package contains,

  • Axon Framework Binaries

  • Axon Server Standard Edition

  • Gift card sample application - Demo application designed to show various aspects of the platform

  • Getting started guide

Running the Quick Start (Java 9+)

  1. Unzip AxonQuickStart-VERSION.zip

  2. Run the Axon Server: $ java -jar AxonServer/axonserver-VERSION.jar

  3. Axon Server web dashboard should be available here http://localhost:8024/

  4. Run the demo application: $ cd giftcard-demo && ./mvnw spring-boot:run

  5. Demo application should be available here http://localhost:8080/

  6. Explore the README.md

Running the Quick Start on Java 8

The Quick Start Demo app can also run on Java 8 with a small change in the pom.xml file:

  1. From the extracted folder, open giftcard-demo\pom.xml with your favourite editor

  2. Replace <java.version>11</java.version> occurrency with <java.version>1.8</java.version>

  3. Find the maven-compiler-plugin plugin block

  4. Replace <release>${java.version}</release> with <source>${java.version}</source> <target>${java.version}</target>

  5. Run the demo application: $ cd giftcard-demo && ./mvnw spring-boot:run


Axon Framework - Video Tutorials

The following 5-part video tutorial offers a quick start guided path to understand Axon Framework.

Tutorial NamePurpose

Structure of an Axon Framework Application

Core API development

Command Model of the Application

Query Model of the Application

Connecting the UI

Axon Server

We recommend following the Axon Server training which is an easy way to get familiar with all aspects of it. The training is free and is given periodically.

If you are looking for a fast way to get Axon Server up and running and get familiar with it through a hands-on approach, this blog by Bert Laverman is a great way to start.

Intro to Event-Driven Microservices

AxonIQ provides an Intro to Event-Driven Microservices using DDD, CQRS & Event Sourcing. It's given periodically and is free to attend. During the introduction, you will be brought up to speed on topics such as DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing and other concepts related to the Axon stack.

Implementing Event-Driven Systems

AxonIQ provides a training which will get you fully familiar with everything around Axon Framework and Axon Server: Implementing Event-Driven Systems using DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing. It provides a more hands-on approach complete with instructor-led content and labs. This program is intended to deepen your knowledge concerning the concepts of Event-Driven systems, DDD, CQRS and how Axon supports this journey.

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