Minor Releases

Any patch release made for an Axon project aims to resolve bugs. This page provides an overview of patch releases for the Axon Kafka Extension.

Release 4.5

Release 4.5.4

  • Whenever the StreamableKafkaMessageSource started, it created a new consumer group. This implementation will eventually construct many groups within Kafka that are never used, as contributor aupodogov noted in this issue. We solved this issue by manually validating all the partitions instead of constructing a new consumer group each time. For those interested, the pull request for this can be found here.

  • Contributor zambrovski noticed that when FetchEventTask dies, it did not put the Event Processor in error mode even though it should. To solve this, we ensured the error was rethrown far enough for the Event Processor to react to it accordingly. If you're curious about the solution, you can find the changes in pull request #287.

You can find the complete list of changes in release 4.5.4 here.

Release 4.5.3

The 4.5.3 release 're-enables' Spring Cloud Developer Tools for the Kafka Extension. The support for this was accidentally removed, marked contributor tiger-seo in issue #240. Commit 9bc2345 reinstantes this behavior.

Release 4.5.2

This release only includes two commits, namely 245536f and e8ddb9d. These commits ensure that both event publishing and consuming provide a workable XStreamSerializer default. Plus, the extension logs warnings in case a users uses the defaults.

Release 4.5.1

  • Fixed a bug where the XStream was still a hard requirement here.

  • Even though the extension only have it as a test dependency, this release also bumped log4j dependency to 2.15.0 here.

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