Major Releases

This page notes all enhancements and features that we have introduced to our major releases of the Axon Spring Cloud Extension.

Release 4.4

This release has seen a bunch of adjustments towards the Spring Cloud extension, which can be grouped into two categories. Firstly, the introduction of the CapabilityDiscoveryMode and secondly the automatic process added to this project:

  • Introduced GitHub Actions to build, test and push snapshots of the Spring Cloud Extension, as has been marked in pull request #68.

  • Dependabot was introduced, ensuring all versions will be as up-to-date as possible.

  • JUnit4 has been removed entirely, in favor of JUnit 5.

  • The CapabilityDiscoveryMode mode has been introduced through issue #23. This approach allows for more flexibility when it comes to defining how command routing information should be retrieved and shared.

For a full list of all the changes, please check the release notes.

Release 4.3

  • Issue #14 implements the CommandBusConnector#localSegment. Axon Framework introduces this method in release 4.3 (and issue #874) to ensure the usage of the DisruptorCommandBus's repository is followed when distributing the CommandBus.

  • We introduced a graceful start-up and shutdown solution in Axon Framework release 4.3 for all infrastructure components. Issue #15 ensures the SpringHttpCommandBusConnector complies with this style too.

For a complete list of all changes, see this page.

Release 4.2

When using the Kubernetes implementation of Spring Cloud the SpringCloudCommandRouter would throw NullPointerExceptions. This occurs because Spring Cloud Kubernetes does not support the ServiceInstance's metadata field, which the SpringCloudCommandRouter relies on. This pull request introduced a null check to ensure the null pointer would not be thrown again.

Release 4.1

The SpringCloudCommandRouter failed to correctly connect to a Spring Cloud Discovery Service if the node did not contain any Command Handler methods. This undesired behaviour was marked by user "travikk" and made more lenient under this.

Release 4.0

We split off the Spring Cloud logic from Axon Framework core into a dedicated repository. Next to that, it complies with Axon Framework's 4.0 release.

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