Minor Releases

Any patch release made for an Axon project aims to resolve bugs. This page provides an overview of patch releases for the Axon Reactor Extension.

Release 4.5

Release 4.5.1

The 4.5.1 release contains a single fix, namely pull request #93. This fix adjusts bugs within the ReactorCommandGateway and ReactorQueryGateway builders. The result interceptors for the command gateway and the dispatch interceptor for the query gateway weren't included when they were set through the builder.

Release 4.4

Release 4.4.3

  • Issues arose when using Spring Boot Dev Tools in combination with the Axon Reactor Extension. Contributor magnusheino noted this problem in issue #28.

  • The ReactorCommandGateway and ReactorQueryGateway introduced a discrepancy compared to Axon Framework. Namely, the gateways swallowed exceptions instead of throwing them to the user. We resolved this issue in this pull request by unwrapping the exception message into the returned Mono or Flux

For the complete list of changes, check out this page.

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