Major Releases

This page notes all enhancements and features that we have introduced to our major releases of the Axon JGroups Extension.

Release 4.5

  • We added automatic release note construction through Git Workflow in issue #32.

You can check the release note here for a complete list of all changes.

Release 4.4

  • Issue #9 introduces support for Spring Boot Developer Tools.

  • We introduce dependabot, which updated the log4j version.

Release 4.3

  • Issue #7 implements the CommandBusConnector#localSegment. Axon Framework introduces this method in release 4.3 (and issue #874) to ensure the usage of the DisruptorCommandBus's repository is followed when distributing the CommandBus.

  • We introduced a graceful start-up and shutdown solution in Axon Framework release 4.3 for all infrastructure components. Issue #8 ensures the JGroupsConnector complies with this style too.

Release 4.2

As marked under this issue, the command callback will not be called if the connection between JGroups peers dies whilst a command is in transit. Credits go to "sgrimm-sg" for filing the issue and solving it.

Release 4.1

If cluster connection message came in quickly after starting the connection, a NullPointerException could be thrown. This issue was resolved for release 4.1 here.

Release 4.0

We split off the JGroups logic from Axon Framework core into a dedicated repository. Next to that, it complies with Axon Framework's 4.0 release.

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