Experimental Releases

This page notes all enhancements and features that we have introduced to our experimental releases of the Axon Kotlin Extension.

Release 0.2

  • Issue #16 marked the desire to introduce extension methods for the scatter-gather query. Contributor hsenasilva answered this call and introduced them in pull request #76.

  • We introduced a dedicated kotlin test module, as further described in this issue. This module includes extension methods for the AggregateTestFixture and SagaTestFixture.

  • Contributor zambrovksi added extension functions for the AggregateLifecycle, to further enhance the Kotlin experience from within an aggregate. For those interested, you can find the adjustments in this pull request.

  • We introduce dependabot to the project in issue #43. This introduction means a lot of the changes are towards version updates to the project.

You can check out all changes made in release 0.2.0 here.

Release 0.1

Release 0.1.0 marks the first release of Axon's Kotlin Extension, adding extension methods in Kotlin for Axon Framework Some noteworthy additions are:

  • Extension methods on the CommandGateway

  • Extension methods on the QueryGateway

  • Extension methods for event upcasters

  • Extension methods on the QueryUpdateEmitter

You can check the milestone page for a complete list of the changes here.

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