Minor Releases

Any patch release made for an Axon project aims to resolve bugs. This page provides an overview of patch releases for the Axon Tracing Extension.

Release 4.5

Release 4.5.2

  • Bumped Axon Framework version used from 4.5. to 4.5.5 here commit.

  • An edge case was fixed where the QueryGateway could throws a NullPointerException. The fix for it was done here.

Release 4.5.1

  • With the release of Spring-Boot 2.6.0, the problem with circular dependencies came to light. To make it possible to use tracing-extension together with spring-boot 2.6.0, a circular dependency on our code was fixed as can be seen here.

Release 4.3

Release 4.3.1

  • The tag for the query payload was wrong. We give credits to contributor Sam-Kruglov for noting the issue, which we resolved in this commit.

  • In some Tracing UI's, camel-cased tag names showed up without the separation. This discrepancy is marked in issue #45 and resolved by using a dash notation instead of camel casing.

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