System Properties

The system configuration can be maintained/supplied in three ways.

Configuration File

The most commonly and preferred way is to have an or __ _axonserver.yml __**_file which contains the desired configuration parameters. The location of the file should be the current working directory or alternatively can be placed within a "_config"_ subdirectory (relative to the current working directory).

An important note - In case both files are detected by Axon Server, it will read from both.


In case the server is being started using “java –jar ...”, we can also supply individual configuration properties with “-Dproperty=value”

Environment Variable(s)

Configuration values can also be supplied using environment variables. The parameter name should be all in upper case with any kebab-case(-) / camelCase and snake_case(_) substituted with _"_"_


There are some recommendations around Axon Server EE/SE configuration,

  • Use “./” for common settings.

  • Use “./config/” for environment/node-specific overrides.

  • Use “-D” or environment variables for one-time settings.

Configuration Properties

A list of all the configuration properties by area is denoted below. Unless explicitly specified all property names are to be prefixed with "axoniq.axonserver"

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