Minor Releases

Any patch release made for an Axon project is tailored towards resolving bugs. This page aims to provide a dedicated overview of patch releases per project.

Release 4.4

Release 4.4.9

Release 4.4.9 of Axon Framework has incremented all used dependencies towards their latest bug release. This has done to resolve potentially security issues, as was reported with XStream 1.4.14 (that was resolved in 1.4.16).

For those looking for the set of adjustments please take a look at tag 4.4.9

Release 4.4.8

  • A bug was noted whenever a query handler returned a Future/CompletableFuture in combination with a subscription query, with Axon Server as the infrastructure. In this format, Axon would incorrectly use the scatter-gather query for the initial result of the subscription query. Whenever the returned result was completed, this didn't cause any issues. However, for a Future/CompletableFuture a TimeoutException would be thrown. The issue was luckily easily mitigated by changing the "number of expected results" from within the QueryRequest to default to 1 instead of zero. As an effect, the point-to-point would be invoked instead of scatter-gather. For reference, the issue can be found here.

  • Whenever an interface is used as the type of an @AggregateMember annotated field, Axon would throw a NullPointerException. This is far from friendly, and has been changed towards an AxonConfigurationException in pull request #1742.

Note that the named issues comprise the complete changelist for Axon Framework 4.4.8.

Release 4.4.7

  • The Axon Server Connector Java version 4.4.7 has been included in this release as well. As such, it's fixes (found here) are thus also part of this release.

  • Contributor "krosenvold" noticed that the SQL to retrieve a stream of events was performed twice in quick concession. The provided solution (in pull request #1689) would resolve this, but the problem was spotted to originate elsewhere. Commit 16b7152 saw an end to this occurrence by making a minor tweak in the EmbeddedEventStore.

  • As rightfully noticed by user "pepperbob", there was a type discrepancy when reading events through a tracking token. An event would always become a DomainEventMessage when read through the EventStorageEngine, whereas it might originally have been a regular EventMessage. The problem has been fixed in commit c61a95b. Furthermore, the entire description of the issue can be found here.

  • Through the use of the AxonServerQueryBus, a cancelled subscription query was wrongfully completed normally where it should complete exceptionally. This problem is marked and resolved under pull request #1695.

For a detailed perspective on the release notes, please check this page.

Release 4.4.6

  • Contributor "Rafaesp" noted that a registered CommandHandlerInterceptor in the AggregateTestFixture could be invoked more often than desired. This only occurred if the fixture's givenCommands(...) method was invoked, but nonetheless this behaviour was incorrect. The issue is marked under #1665 and resolved in pull request #1666.

  • In 4.4.4, a fix was introduced which ensured a ChildEntity (read, the Aggregate Members) was no longer duplicated in an aggregate hierarchy. This fix had the troublesome side effect that aggregate member command handlers weren't registered on every level of the aggregate hierarchy anymore. The resolution to this problem can be found in pull request #1674.

  • Using the subscription query in a distributed environment had a possible troublesome side effect. If a consumer of updates was closed for whatever reason, it could also close the producing side. This is obviously undesired, as no single consumer should influence if the producer should still dispatch updates to other consumers. The problem was marked under issue #1680 and resolved in this commit.

  • Right before we aimed to release 4.4.6, contributor "haraldk" provided a thorough issue description when using the SequenceEventStorageEngine. He noted that if snapshots were used for an aggregate, there was a window of opportunity that the 'active' EventStorageEngine in the sequencing engine did not return any events. This followed from the sequence number logic, which wrongfully defaulted to position "0", even though the starting sequence number is per definition higher if a snapshot has been found. The clarifying issue can be found here, with its resolution present in pull request #1683.

For a complete overview of all the changes you can check the release notes here.

Release 4.4.5

  • When creating a TrackingToken at a certain position through StreamableMessageSource#createTokenAt(Instant), a tail token was wrongfully returned if the provided timestamp exceeded the timestamp of the last event. Instead, the token closests to the provided timestamp should be returned, was equals the head token. This discrepancy between documentation and implementation was marked by mbreevoort and resolved in pull request #1607.

  • A certain path within the AxonServerEventStore allowed for event retrieval without correctly deserializing the MetaData of the events. If someone tried to access the MetaData, a CannotConvertBetweenTypesException was being thrown. This problem, among others, was remedied in pull request #1612, by ensuring the correct Serializer taking gRPC message types into account is consistently used.

For a complete set of the release notes, please check here.

Release 4.4.4

  • There was a bug which made it so that an @ResetHandler annotated method without any parameters was included for validation if a component could handle a specific type of event. This exact validation is used to filter out events from the event stream to optimize the entire stream. The optimization was thus mitigated by the simple fact of introducing a default @ResetHandler. The problem was marked by @kad-hesseg (for which thanks) and resolved in pull request #1597.

  • A new SnapshotTriggerDefinition called AggregateLoadTimeSnapShotTriggerDefinition has been introduced, which uses the load time of an aggregate to trigger a snapshot creation.

  • When using an aggregate class hierarchy, @AggregateMember annotated fields present on the root would be duplicated for every class in the hierarchy which included message handling functions. This problem was traced back to the AnnotatedAggregateMetaModelFactory.AnnotatedAggregateModel which looped over an inconsistent set of classes to find these members. The issue was marked by @kad-malota and resolved in pull request #1595.

For a complete set of the release notes, please check here.

Release 4.4.3

  • An optimization in the snapshotting process was introduced in pull request #1510. This PR ensures no unnecessary snapshots are staged in the AbstractSnapshotter by validating none have been scheduled yet. This fix will resolve potential high I.O. when snapshots are being recreated for aggregates which have a high number of events.

  • The assignment rules used by the EventProcessingConfigurer weren't always taken into account as desired. This inconsistency compared to regular assignment through the @ProcessingGroup annotation has been resolved in this pull request.

  • Heartbeat messages between Axon Server and an Axon Framework application were already configurable, but only from the server's side. Properties have been introduced to also enables this from the clients end, as specified further in this pull request. Enabling heartbeat messages will ensure the connection is preemptively closed if no response has been received in the configured time frame.

To check out all fixes introduced in 4.4.3, you can check them out on this page.

Release 4.4.2

  • A persistent loop of 500ms was spotted during event consumption from Axon Server. Credits go to Damir Murat who has spotted the issue. With his help the issue was found quickly and eventually resolved in pull request #1484.

  • A serialization issue was found when working with the ConfigToken and de-/serialize it through the JacksonSerializer. This problem was uncovered in issue #1482 and resolved in pull request #1485.

  • The introduction of the AxonServer Connector for Java to simplify the framework's integration with Axon Server introduced some configuration issues. For example, the AxonServerConfiguration#isForceReadFromLeader wasn't used when opening an event stream (resolved in PR #1488).

  • Furthermore, properties like the max-message-size, gRPC keep alive settings and processorNotificationRate weren't used when forming a connection with Axon Server. This issue was covered by pull request #1487.

This page shares a complete list of all resolved issues for this release.

Release 4.4.1

A single fix was performed as soon as possible to release 4.4, in conjunction with the new Axon Server Connector used by this release. There was an off by one scenario when an Event Processor started reading events from the beginning of time. This meant that the first event in the event store was systematically skipped. The bug was resolved in this commit.

Release 4.3

Release 4.3.5

  • The TrackingEventProcessor#mergeSegment(int) method was invoked with the high segment number of the pair to merge,

    an error would occur in the process as it expected to receive the lower number on all scenarios.

    This was resolved in pull request #1450.

  • A small connectivity adjustment which was performed in the AxonServerConnectionManager for bug release 4.3.4 has been reverted.

    Although it worked successfully for some scenarios, it did not correctly cover all possibilities.

    The commit can be found here for reference.

    The full scenario will be covered through the adjusted connector which is underway for beta release in 4.4.

For a complete list of all resolved bugs we refer to the issue tracker.

Release 4.3.4

  • Whilst adjusting the JdbcEventStorageEngine in #1187 to allow more flexibility to configure the used statements, we accidentally dropped support for adjusting how the store wrote timestamps.

    This issue was rectified by user ovstetun in pull request #1454.

  • Snapshots were incorrectly created in the same phase as the publication of events.

    This has been moved to the after commit phase of the UnitOfWork in issue #1457.

  • When using the SequenceEventStorageEngine to merge an active and historic event stream there was a discrepancy when the active stream didn't contain any events and the historic stream did.

    This has been resolved in pull request #1459.

For a complete list of all resolved bugs we refer to the issue tracker.

Release 4.3.3

This bug release contained a single fix, under pull request #1425. A situation was reported where a Tracking Event Processor did not catch up with the last event, until a new event was available after that event. Effectively causing it to read up to N-1. This only accounted for usages of the MultiStreamableMessageSource, thus when two (or more) event streams were combined into a single source for a TrackingEventProcessor.

To remain complete, here is the issue tracker page contained the closed issues for release 4.3.3.

Release 4.3.2

  • When using the QueryGateway, it was not possible to provide a QueryMessage as the query field since the queryName would be derived from the class name of the provided query.

    Hence, QueryMessage would be the queryName, instead of the actual queryName.

    This issue has been resolved in #1410.

  • There was a window of opportunity where the Snapshotter would publish the last event in its stream twice.

    This could cause faulty snapshots in some scenarios.

    This issue was marked under #1408 and resolved in pull request #1416.

  • The bi-directional stream created by the Axon Server Connector wasn't always closed correctly; specifically in error cases.

    This problem has been resolved in pull request 1397.

For a complete list of all resolved bugs we refer to the issue tracker.

Release 4.3.1

  • Through the new Create-or-Update

    feature a bug was introduced which didn't allow non-String aggregate identifiers.

    This problem was quickly resolved in #1363,

    allowing the usage of "complex" aggregate identifiers once more.

  • The graceful shutdown process introduced in 4.3 had a couple of minor problems.

    One of which was the shutdown order within the AxonServerCommandBus and AxonServerQueryBus,

    which basically made it so that the approach prior to 4.3 was maintained.

    We also noticed that the AxonServerConnectionManager never shutdown nicely.

    All of these, plus some other minor fixes, have been performed in #1372.

  • The AggregateCreationPolicy#ALWAYS did not behave as expected, resulting in faulty behaviour when used.

    Pull request #1371 saw an end to this problem,

    ensuring the desired usage of all newly introduced creation policies.

For a complete list of all resolved bugs we refer to the issue tracker.

Release 4.2

Release 4.2.2

  • In a distributed setup, the DisruptorCommandBus was not always correctly identified as being the local segment.

    Due to this, aggregate repositories weren't created by the DisruptorCommandBus as is required in such a configuration.

    This was marked in #874 and resolved through #1287.

  • As described in #1274,

    a query handler with return type Future was not being returned at all but threw an exception.

    Pull request #1323 solved that in 4.2.2.

  • An issue was solved where the JdbcAutoConfiguration unintentionally depended on a JPA specific class.

For a complete list of all resolved bugs we refer to the issue tracker.

Release 4.2.1

  • A one-to-many Upcaster instance tied to Axon Server would only use the first event result and ignore the rest.

    This issue has been resolved in pull request #1264.

  • The axon-legacy module's GapAwareTrackingToken did not implement the TrackingToken interface.

    This was marked in issue #1230 and resolved in #1231.

  • The builders of the ExponentialBackOffIntervalRetryScheduler and IntervalRetryScheduler previously

    did not implement the validate() method correctly.

    Through this a NullPointerException could occur on start-up,

    as marked in #1293.

For a complete list of all resolved bugs we refer to the issue tracker.

Release 4.1

Release 4.1.2

  • A dependency on XStream was enforced undesirably through the Builder pattern introduced in 4.0.

    This has been resolved by using a Supplier of a Serializer in the Builders instead, as described under this issue.

  • Due to a hierarchy issue in the Spring Boot auto configuration, the JdbcTokenStore was not always used as expected.

    The ordering has been fixed under issue #1077.

  • The ordering of message handling functions was incorrect according to the documentation.

    Classes take precedence over interface, and the depth of interface hierarchy is calculated based on the inheritance level (as described here).

For a complete list of all resolved bugs we refer to the issue tracker.

Release 4.1.1

  • Query Dispatch Interceptors were not called correctly when a subscription query was performed when Axon Server was used as the QueryBus.

    This issue was marked here and resolved in pull request #1042.

  • When Axon Server was (auto) configured without being able to connect to an actual instance, processing instructions were incorrectly dispatched regardless.

    Pull request #1040 resolves this by making sure an active connection is present.

  • The Spring Boot auto configuration did not allow the exclusion of the axon-server-connector dependency due to a direct dependency on classes.

    This has been resolved by expecting fully qualified class names as Strings instead (resolved under this pull request).

  • The JpaEventStorageEngine was not wrapping the appendEvents operation in a transaction.

    Problem has been resolved under issue #1035.

For a complete list of all resolved bugs we refer to the issue tracker.

Release 4.0

Release 4.0.4

  • Deserialization failures were accidentally swallowed by the command and query gateway (marked under #967).

  • Resolved an issue where custom exception in a Command Handling constructor caused NullPointerExceptions.

For a complete list of all resolved bugs we refer to the issue tracker.

Release 4.0.3

  • The SimpleQueryBus reported exceptions on the initial result incorrectly upon performing a subscription query.

    Issue has been described and resolved under #913.

  • Resolved issue where the the "download Axon Server" message was shown upon a reconnect of an application to a Axon Server node.

  • Large global index gaps between events caused issues when querying the event stream (described here).

  • Fixed inconsistency in the GlobalSequenceTrackingToken#covers(TrackingToken) method.

For a complete list of all resolved bugs we refer to the issue tracker.

Release 4.0.2

  • A timeout was thrown instead of a exception by Axon Server when a duplicate aggregate id was created, which is resolved in #903.

  • Command or Query handling exceptions were not properly serialized through Axon Server (resolved in #904).

For a complete list of all resolved bugs we refer to the issue tracker.

Release 4.0.1

  • Resolved QueryUpdateEmitter configuration for the Axon Server connector set up (see issue here).

  • For migration purposes legacy TrackingTokens should have been added, which is resolved here.

  • Event Processing was stopped after a reconnection with Axon Server. Resolve the problem in issue #883.

For a complete list of all resolved bugs we refer to the issue tracker.

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