Actuator Endpoints

For monitoring, AxonServer includes Spring Boot Actuator endpoints which are available under the /actuator URL path of the AxonServer.‌ For Axon Server SE, the URL for the Axon Server SE will be the single running node, while for Axon Server EE the URL should be pointing to any node serving the _admin context within an Axon Server EE cluster.

The /actuatorURL path returns a list of all available actuators. A list of the endpoints is given below.

  • /actuator/health endpoint is used to check the health of Axon Server itself, and (in the case of Axon Server EE) the health of the cluster. The HTTP status return code is not 200 when cluster health is anything other than "UP".

  • /actuator/info endpoint informs you about some basic attributes of an AxonServer (name, description, version). This is more useful for liveness/readiness probes.

  • /actuator/metrics endpoint publishes information about OS, JVM as well as application level metrics​

  • /actuator/loggers endpoint exposes detailed view of the loggers configuration

  • /actuator/prometheus endpoint exposes metrics data in a format that can be scraped by a Prometheus server (Monitoring system & time series database)

  • /actuator/env endpoint exposes the current environment properties

Application level metrics‌

Specific AxonServer metrics is available under /actuator/metrics endpoint:‌

  • /actuator/metrics/ current number of events stored in a node

  • /actuator/metrics/axon.commands.count current number of commands stored in a node

  • /actuator/metrics/axon.queries.count current number of queries stored in a node

  • /actuator/metrics/axon.snapshots.count current number of snapshots stored in a node

  • /actuator/metrics/ current number of active commands in a node

Other, AxonServer-specific endpoints can be browsed through /swagger-ui.html.

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