Starting the Axon Server

There is more then one way to start and run Axon Server:

Starting Axon Server locally

The Axon download page contains executable JAR files for the server itself and the CLI. Copy axonserver.jar to a directory of your choice. Because Axon Server uses sensible defaults, you are now ready to go. Start the Axon Server using the following command:

$ ./axonserver.jar

or when not running bash shell:

$ java -jar axonserver.jar

When you see a log line announcing "Started Axon Server in some-value seconds (JVM running for some-other-value)", the server is ready for action. To verify that the server is started correctly, open the page http://localhost:8024.

Alternative ways of running the Axon Server

Axon provides a Docker image of Axon Server, which is available on DockerHub.

Alternatively, you can use this image to run Axon Server in Docker container and deploy it to Kubernetes.

See Operations Guide chapter (section: Setting up Axon Server/Launch) for more details.

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