For monitoring, AxonServer includes Spring Boot Actuator endpoints which are available under the /actuator URL path of the AxonServer.

In particular, you will find following actuator endpoints enabled:

  • /actuator/health endpoint is used to check the health or state of the AxonServer

  • /actuator/info endpoint informs you about some basic attributes of an AxonServer (name, description, version)

  • /actuator/metrics endpoint publishes information about OS, JVM as well as application level metrics

  • /actuator/loggers endpoint exposes detailed view of the loggers configuration

  • /actuator/prometheus endpoint exposes metrics data in a format that can be scraped by a Prometheus server (Monitoring system & time series database)

  • /actuator/env endpoint exposes the current environment properties

Application level metrics

Specific AxonServer metrics is available under /actuator/metrics endpoint:

  • /actuator/metrics/ current number of events stored in a node

  • /actuator/metrics/axon.commands.count current number of commands stored in a node

  • /actuator/metrics/axon.queries.count current number of queries stored in a node

  • /actuator/metrics/axon.snapshots.count current number of snapshots stored in a node

  • /actuator/metrics/ current number of active commands in a node

Other, AxonServer-specific endpoints can be browsed through /swagger-ui.html.

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