Axon Framework Extensions

Release Notes

JGroups 4.2

As marked under this issue, the command callback will not be called if the connection between JGroups peers dies whilst a command is in transit. Credits go to "sgrimm-sg" for filing the issue and solving it.

JGroups 4.1

If cluster connection message came in quickly after starting the connection, a NullPointerException could be thrown. This issue was resolved for release 4.1 here.

Mongo 4.0.1

The Mongo extension incorrectly used the content type instead of the tokens type upon storing a serialized token. The issue was marked and resolved under #1.

Spring Cloud 4.2

When using the Kubernetes implementation of Spring Cloud the SpringCloudCommandRouter would throw NullPointerExceptions. This occurs because Spring Cloud Kubernetes does not support the ServiceInstance's meta data field, which the SpringCloudCommandRouter relies on. This pull request introduced a null check to ensure the null pointer would not be thrown again.

Spring Cloud 4.1

The SpringCloudCommandRouter failed to correctly connect to a Spring Cloud Discovery Service if the node did not contain any Command Handler methods. This undesired behaviour was marked by user "travikk" and made more lenient under this.