Getting started

Last updated 2 months ago

This section will explain how you can obtain the binaries for Axon to get started and how to build your first Axon application. There are currently two ways of obtaining the binaries: either download the binaries from our website or configure a repository for your build system (Maven, Gradle, etc).

Download Axon

You can download the Axon Quick Start from our downloads page:

This page offers a number of downloads. Typically, you would want to use the latest stable release. However, if you're eager to get started using the latest and greatest features, you could consider using the snapshot releases instead. The downloads page contains a number of assemblies for you to download. Some of them only provide the Axon library itself, while others also provide the libraries that Axon depends on. There is also a "full" zip file, which contains Axon, its dependencies, the sources and the documentation, all in a single download.

If you really want to stay on the bleeding edge of development, you can clone the Git repository: git://, or visit to browse the sources online.

When you're stuck

While implementing your application, you might run into problems, wonder about why certain things are the way they are, or have some questions that need an answer. The Axon Users mailing list is there to help. Just send an email to Other users as well as contributors to the Axon Framework are there to help with your issues.

If you find a bug, you can report them at When reporting an issue, please make sure you clearly describe the problem. Explain what you did, what the result was and what you expected to happen instead. If possible, please provide a very simple Unit Test (JUnit) that shows the problem. That makes fixing it a lot simpler.